Man who texted ex-partner more than 2,300 times in two months jailed for harassment

Tramain Jeanne even threatened to blow up her house, Cardiff magistrates heard

AN EX-BOYFRIEND texted and called his former partner more than 2,300 times in two months, and on one occasion threatened to blow up her house.

Tramain Jeanne, 26, of Boswell Close, Llanrumney, “fell very hard and very quickly” for his girlfriend, but after their two-month relationship ended he began to harass her, turning up at her house and place of work, Cardiff Magistrates Court heard.

The relationship started just four months after the death of Jeanne’s younger brother in a car crash, the court was told. Jeanne had “considerable struggles with his mental health” since then, argued defence solicitor Matthew de Maid.

Tramain Jeanne (CC: South Wales Police)

On the night of September 8, his former partner was woken when Jeanne turned up outside her home shouting loudly. He then proceeded to bang on her front door, smashing a window, the prosecution told the court.

Then, from September 9 to November 4, Jeanne began to bombard his former partner with 2,376 texts and phone calls, the court heard.

Prosecutor Charlotte Bignell described the texts as “desperate pleas from the defendant to take him back”.

Ms Bignell explained how Jeanne’s texts became increasingly aggressive as he suspected his former partner was in a new relationship. Threats to smash up her address and blow up her property were “indicative of this period of time,” heard the magistrates.

On Valentine’s Day this year, Jeanne turned up at his ex-partner’s workplace, demanding to speak to her. He only left when he was informed that police had been called, said the prosecution.

Verbal threats to blow up her house continued, she added.

“It is clear from the evidence that this is a sustained incident,” said Ms Bignell.

In a victim impact statement read by Ms Bignell, magistrates heard that Jeanne’s ex-partner felt “trapped and that she cannot go out with her friends without feeling like she is being watched,” and that she has “taken several days off work because she is too scared to be in work alone”.

“I feel anxious about his whereabouts,” said the statement. “Ever since ending our relationship I have been anxious about what the defendant (Jeanne) is going to do.”

Ms Bignell explained how the victim lived “in fear of contacting the police” because she worried about what Jeanne would do. “It is clear that this is having a significant impact on her day-to-day life,” explained Ms Bignell.

Jeanne’s defence solicitor, Matthew de Maid, argued that his client was “going through a very difficult period of his life,” following the death of his younger brother in a car crash in St Mellons last year.

Magistrates also heard from the defence that Jeanne had “remained calm and placid” when he was in his ex-partner’s workplace and “left very quickly” once requested to.

Regarding the smashed window, Mr de Maid said the incident was “unintentional and reckless,” and that his client would accept compensation charges.

Jeanne was given a four-month prison sentence when he appeared at Cardiff Magistrates Court on Tuesday, March 12. He pleaded guilty to harassment without violence. Magistrate Jonathan Roberts said his sentence was reduced from six months because of his “emotional state”.

He will not be able to make direct or indirect contact with his ex-partner and he will not be allowed within 200 metres of her house. Jeanne will not be allowed on the road where she works.

Jeanne was ordered to pay £50 in damages for the broken glass at her house, and £150 “for the emotional pain” he had caused her.