Climate justice campaign: calling for mobilisation across Wales

Activists and unions gathered at Cardiff Law Court asking for a transition to climate justice in workplaces, sustainable job creation and worker rights

Protesters gathered at Cardiff Law Courts to demand action on the climate.

Activists and Unions Gathered at Cardiff Law Court this weekend to demand action, emphasizing the importance of jobs and justice in the fight for the climate.

Representing 48 unions and 400,000 members, TUC Cymru’ s campaign focused on ensuring that any new jobs created in the shift to a green economy are equitable and secure, covering fair pay, skills, pensions, equality, health and safety, and trade union recognition.

“We stand here for the workers and the future generations. Our goal is to make sure that workers are at the forefront of the transition to a green economy, ensuring that new jobs are not just sustainable but also uphold high standards of workers’ rights and benefits,” said Siân Gale, the President elect of TUC Cymru.

The union’s strategy includes focus on key industries such as steel, advocating for decarbonization and cleaner production methods, which Gale noted are essential for both protecting jobs and advancing environmental goals.

Siân Gale, as a representative of workers in Wales, spoke before the start of the march.

Gale also said that they have many initiatives to educate and upskill the workforce for greener practices, emphasizing the role workers play in understanding their workplaces better than anyone else and in making greener workplace changes.

TUC Cymru is also actively involved in supporting industries transitioning to green alternatives, like the steel industry in Wales, where efforts are being made to make the steel production process cleaner, more sustainable, and job-secure.

Taking the green steel in Wales, Tata Steel are fighting for the future of their industry and safeguarding 1000s of jobs for their families.

Protesters march for climate action for both developed and developing countries.

The campaign called for collaborative efforts between governments and employers, urging them to follow the lead of workers and unions. It also emphasized the importance of investment from local authorities, the Welsh Government, and the UK government, in partnership with trade unions and other groups to make the green transition successful.

“Our research has also identified 60,000 of jobs could be created through projects to expand railways, rollout broadband, decarbonize steel, restore nature, expand electrical vehicle charging and inter insulate our drafty homes. And with our natural resources here in Wales, the opportunities are vast, and phenomenon,” said Siân Gale.

She underlined their commitment to ensuring that Wales plays a significant role in the Green Revolution, just as it did during the Industrial Revolution, focusing on creating a sustainable and equitable future for all.