How effective are groups such as Insulate Britain and their tactics in battling climate change?

In the light of COP 26 we went to the streets of Cardiff to ask people what they think of the tactics of groups such as Insulate Britain and whether they actually help to combat climate change.

Dramatic shifts in our climate have brought world leaders to Glasgow for COP 26 and climate groups such as Insulate Britain use drastic measures to raise awareness for environmental causes, we asked whether people think these actions are actually effective in fighting climate change.

Tom, 26, film extra, Bournemouth

“it was effective in the sense that people noticed them, it made more people aware because obviously people travel down those roads. Some people probably weren’t a fan of that and I can see why but I do agree with the message that they’re trying to put out there. I do think that blocking the m25 wasn’t the best way to go about it but in the sense of getting people to notice them, I understand why they did it as well.”

Toby, 19, Student, Southampton

“I think it definitely raises concern with authorities having to do something about it, whether it’s an effective strategy I wouldn’t really know. I believe that those sort of ways of protesting are probably the only ways to get the government to listen. Petitions are a good way, that gets parliament to talk about it but I think this raises proper concern for the government and its probably the only way to bring the issue up.”

Tracey, 52, Cwmcarn, Natural Resources Wales

“I think people like. Insulate Britain, their hearts are in completely the right place they’re doing everything for the right reason, clearly, they know that they need to make a point and they need to make it quite brutally because it’s a big issue it’s a massive issue. However, I think the way that they’ve chosen to go about their point is misguided, because instead of getting support from the public, because they’re causing so much disruption, they’re actually getting the opposite from the public so they’re kicking up a whole load of negative press and the old adage that any press is good press isn’t actually, I think, applicable I this case.”

Julie, 53, Clevedon, Sales Rep

“Insulate Britain I agree with totally but how effective. They were gluing their hands to the M25, pretty much zero because it just annoys people doesn’t it. Their actions get people’s backs up I mean if I was going somewhere on the M25 and they were there I’d be pretty pissed with them. I totally agree with insulate Britain but in terms of the actions they take in my opinion I don’t think. Them doing that would’ve gained them much ground.”

Joyce, Uganda, 50, Asylum seeker

“Climate change is very worrying, so I don’t know how they’re going to tackle that issue. I think that will not be enough to do insulation of houses because climate change needs a lot of things, what about these cars, cars are getting more. And more so I think they have to do more than that because I don’t think that they’re going to do each and every house.”

Bethany, 19, isle of Wight, student

“Personally I think I don’t agree with some of the tactics but A lot of the time they’re the only things that can get peoples attention, unfortunately. I think it depends whether people are going to take them seriously because some of the things aren’t coming across as serious. So I think it depends on the government and how people take it and if they’re going to act on it or not. I’m not sure if that’s a really effective way of getting peoples good attention and getting people on board for it because it’s not going to get people on board when you make them angry.”