Splott residents angry as fly-tipping escalates in area

RESIDENTS in Splott have taken to social media to voice their concerns over fly-tipping in the area.
Andy Williams, who has lived in Splott for seven years, runs a photo blog detailing the amount of rubbish, and fly-tipping that is accumulated weekly on the streets of Adamsdown and Splott.
Mr Williams, 38, says Cardiff Council is not doing enough to resolve the matter.
“The situation has definitely worsened year on year,” he said.
“I live near Moorlands Park, and fly-tippers use the entrances to the park to dump their building rubbish – so they’re obviously cowboy builders who don’t have a waste licence or are unwilling to pay to dump their waste commercially.

Fly-tipping causing outrage
Fly-tipping in Splott

“I’ve tried taking photos of the vans to send to police and Cardiff Council, and have described them to various officials, yet nothing is ever done. “
Another Splott resident, Lynne Thomas of Aberystwyth Street,has also experienced fly-tipping.
“Swansea Street in particular really suffers from people driving up and dumping rubbish,” she said.
“I’d like to see proactive plans from the council to tackle the rubbish-dumping, and avoid the continued spoiling of these streets.
“Cardiff Council would rather just come and collect the rubbish – whether fly-tipping or household waste – rather than solve the problem.”
Rubbish being dumped on Splott: Council's prevention policies brought into question
Rubbish dumped in Splott
The maximum fine for fly-tipping is £50,000, when enforcement officers are at hand to catch those responsible.
However, it is difficult to obtain reliable evidence that can lead to a prosecution.
Labour councillor for Splott Edward Stubbs conceded that fly-tipping was an issue in the area.
“It is a big issue everywhere,” added Coun Stubbs.
“I saw some fly-tipping just outside the mental health unit on the royal infirmary a few months ago. Some people seemingly have no respect for anything.”
Inappropriate place to dispose of waste
Dumped sofa
But Coun Stubbs believes the blame should not lie with the council.
“I’d like to see more resources thrown to try and trace these individuals. But it’s not good enough to pin it on the council because the people who are doing the fly tipping need to be prosecuted.
“We need to see more concrete examples of prosecutions so people think twice.”
Cardiff residents who have suffered fly-tipping can report the incident to Cardiff Council here.