An overflowing bin in Cathays

'Love Where You Live' scheme neglects outer city wards, claims councillor

A RHIWBINA councillor says the area shouldn’t miss out on additional street cleaning being provided as part of Cardiff’’s ‘Love Where You Live’ campaign.
Keep Cardiff Tidy’s ‘Love Where You Live’ campaign was launched in September this year. It encourages community clean ups, raises recycling awareness and discourages littering around the city.
Inner city areas are considered to be high priority targets for the scheme. Blitz operations performed in Cathays, Butetwon, Grangetown and Canton in September and October of this year, removed 19.5 tonnes of extra waste and cleaned an additional 1,250 gullies.

Rhiwbina Councillor Jayne Cowan, said: ”I understand the scheme must prioritise, but it should not be to the detriment of other wards. Rhiwbina residents are provided with very few facilities already, despite the high rate of council tax they pay.”

Cathy is a high priority area for the scheme
Cathays is a high priority area for the scheme

Environmental Councillor Bob Derbyshire, said: “The scheme is based on need. We prioritise the city’s densely populated areas because these tend to be in greater need of a blitz. We do allow for flexibility and if one of the outer wards is in need of a deep clean, we would arrange for that to happen.”
Areas which are less densely populated, and typically contain houses of a higher value, are not scheduled to receive any deep cleans as part of the Campaign.
Bin worker, Glyn Burrell, 55 from Grangetown, helps clear litter from the city every morning: “I don’t think places like Rhiwbina do get enough attention, but the area is a lot cleaner. The inner city areas are much worse.”
Glyn Burrell keeping Rhiwbina tidy
Glyn Burrell keeping Rhiwbina tidy

According to the council, outer wards will be receiving additional cleanses as part of the love Where you Live campaign. These will focus upon hotspot locations like shopping centres.
The keep Cardiff tidy scheme reminds residents how much they must pay if they are caught littering (£80), using the incorrect bins (£100) or dumping waste on private land (£200).
For more information on the scheme, please visit, or download the Binfo Cardiff app for updates and information of bin collections in your area.