Covid cases continue to fall in Cardiff

Data trends look positive as vaccination roll-out continues

COVID cases in Cardiff have dropped by 189 from last week, making this the city’s best performing week since the beginning of October.

The area with the most cases is Butetown, with 25. The least affected areas are Rhiwbina and Cyncoed North, each with fewer than two cases.

The percentage of tests coming back positive has also decreased, down to 12% in Cardiff from 14% last week.

The WHO recommends that the percentage of positive cases should be at 5%or less for at least 14 days before lockdown restrictions begin to be lifted. While this may be some weeks ahead of us, the trend continues to move in the right direction.

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NHS capacity

In hospitals across Cardiff and the Vale, hospitalisations involving confirmed Covid cases have steadily dropped to the number we saw during December.

However were restrictions to be lifted, that number could quickly rise again, as we saw after the lifting of the firebreak lockdown.

Coronavirus patients still make up 46% of occupied critical care beds in Cardiff and the Vale, but this is a decrease of 3% from last week.


The Financial Times this week reported that vaccines administered globally had officially surpassed the total number of confirmed Covid cases, and things look positive locally, too.

In Cardiff, 70% of over 80s and 83% of older people in care homes have received their first dose of the vaccine.