Trin Brierley, Marcus Smith (MARCA) and Steffan Dafydd
Trin Brierley, Marcus Smith (MARCA) and Steffan Dafydd

What should Cardiff’s first artistic road crossing look like? You decide

Three local artists have been shortlisted to mark out the street in Canton

CARDIFF residents can now vote for one of three artistic designs, the most popular of which will decorate the Cowbridge Road East road crossing in Canton.

A view of the road crossing on Cowbridge Road East, just opposite the Co-op.

The artists were chosen from 50 applicants by a team from Chapter Arts Centre and the Printhouse (Cardiff’s only community-based screenprinting workshop).

The three – Trin Brierley, Marcus Smith (MARCA) and Steffan Dafydd (Penglogco) – were then commissioned to create a design for the crossing, the final versions of which you can see below:

Steffan Dafydd said: “I loved coming up with the concepts and I had a lot of fun making something that’s so out of my comfort zone, something totally new.

“I feel great now that the concepts are out for the public to see and vote and I’ve loved seeing what Marca and Trin Brierely have come up with too.”

This will be the first artistic road crossing in Cardiff, following in the footsteps of similar projects in London and Leeds. The vote was originally planned for January but was delayed due to lockdown.  

“I feel excited about it, I’ve been waiting for this to come around for a while. Can’t wait to see the results. May the best creative win!” said Marcus Smith.

“It was really great to see the other artists’ designs, I had no idea what they were going to come up with and I think they are really strong, which is really great to see,” said Trin Brierley.

You can read more about the artists and how the road crossing design came about in the ‘Sparking Joy’ feature here on The Cardiffian.

To vote for your favourite design email

The design is part of a larger neighbourhood renewal scheme that will also see new trees, cycle stands, flower beds to help drain rainwater, and improved signs. Work starts next week.

Canton councillor Stephen Cunnah secured around £300,000 funding and suggested the designer crossing to brighten Canton with an original piece of artwork.

“The artwork for the crossing – a first for Cardiff – is possibly the most eye-catching part of this ambitious scheme. Local artists have really bought into this and created inspiring designs which residents can now vote on.

“I am sure the community will welcome this large investment into Canton,” said Coun Cunnah.

Canton resident Lucy Vaatstra, 32, said: “As a childminder and mum of two small children I’m looking forward to the crossing design brightening up our walks into Canton. We all need a little positivity at the moment and I know the kids will love it.”