Protestors outside the Senedd
(Image: Daisy Graham-Brown)

Covid Pass protest sees anti-vax turnout

The event outside the Senedd played host to unexpected fringe sentiment

Reporting team: Ben Summer, Rowenna Hoskin, Daisy Graham, Tom Carter and George Glinski

PROTESTORS against the extension of the NHS Covid Pass gathered outside the Senedd – but some at the event also promoted anti-vax and conspiracy messages.

With the Senedd set to vote later this evening on extending the pass to indoor entertainment venues including cinemas and concert halls, a crowd of about 200 met outside the Senedd today at 4pm in opposition – representing a wide range of views.

Political commentator Richard Taylor, 46, of Abergavenny, who spoke at the protests, told The Cardiffian: “Some people are going round taking photos of every sign that is anti-vax – but [they should] take photos of the ‘anti-passports,’ we’re not anti-vaxxers.”

Speakers included ex-BBC and ITV reporter Anna Brees from the Against Vaccine Passports campaign and the Propel party leader, former MS Neil McEvoy.

Anna Brees said in her speech: “We’ve got to take control of this now, and the solution is getting rid of this rot in the Welsh Government.

“People just aren’t getting the message.”

Most speeches that our reporters witnessed were not inherently anti-vax.

However, our reporters were handed badges depicting a “Star of Covid,” apparently parodying the yellow stars that marked persecuted Jewish people in Nazi Germany.

Many signs referenced “medical apartheid,” and one said that “the media is the virus.” One sign read: “Nuremberg awaits the complicit”.

A variety of controversial messages featured on protestors’ signs (Images: Rowenna Hoskin & Tom Carter)

Before the speakers began, some protestors were seen banging on the doors of the Senedd (below).

Other protestors were seen wearing “Make America Great Again” hats and “Let’s Go Brandon” signs – marks of the American right-wing.

The BBC has reported that the Senedd is set to approve the Covid Pass scheme’s extension with Plaid Cymru’s backing.

The Cardiffian reported earlier on the concerns of business owners and campaigners ahead of the vote.