Dinas Powys has one of the smallest stations in the Cardiff area but its crime rate is the highest. Image credit: Roger Cornfoot.

Community concerned over train station with highest crime rate in Cardiff

Police hold residents’ meeting and put on extra patrols to tackle crimes in Dinas Powys

DINAS Powys train station has the highest crime rate of all stations in the Cardiff area — and residents are pushing the police to do more.

The station is one of the smallest in the area with about 50,000 yearly passengers, but its crime rate of 13.58 per 100,000 people, as calculated by the British Transport Police, is almost double that of Cardiff Central at 6.89.

In a public Facebook group, several residents expressed their concern. Helen Flower, who said she has lived in Dinas Powys for three years, wrote: “I am too afraid to use the train service in the dark because of issues there, meaning I am paying out for taxis.”

Dave Davis, who used to live in Dinas Powys and still has relatives there, wrote: “All this latest crime is becoming a worry.”

According to BTP there have been seven reported offences at Dinas Powys Station over the last 12 months including three violent crimes, three incidents of criminal damage and a public order offence. More crimes could have gone unreported.

South Wales Police held a meeting attended by 50 residents at Dinas Powys library earlier this month.

Afterwards, PCSO Samuel Martin said that officers responded to community concerns and organised a joint operation with BTP on February 11, which saw extra foot and vehicle patrols in and around the railway station, as well as those in Penarth, Cogan, Barry and Cardiff Bay.

Posting from the Dinas Powys PCSO Facebook account, PCSO Martin said: “I spend as much time as possible in Dinas Powys. This night was an operation to get as many units as possible on the trains and platforms. Unfortunately, we are not able to do this every shift.”

In another post, he said: “I put things in place to get the ball rolling and be proactive. Anything I deal with I try my utmost best to get a positive outcome and I’m sure any residents that have dealt with me personally would agree.”

Transport for Wales has installed new lights to light the footpath from the platform to Elm Grove Place.

Dinas Powys councillor Malcolm Phillips said: “Plaid Cymru councillors made representation to the police after recent problems in and around Dinas Powys and requested something be done. We will continue to ensure the police are held to account.”