Local councillors and residents have expressed concern after the Cardiff East Park and Ride service to the city centre was scrapped this January.

Scrapping of city park and ride service branded a ‘backwards step’

Route between Cardiff East and the centre cut due to ‘low demand’, despite council’s green aims

A CARDIFF park and ride service has been cut due to “low demand”, despite a proposed extensive redevelopment of the site.

In January, Cardiff Bus announced it was scrapping the X59 service, which ran between Cardiff East Park and Ride and the city centre.

The X59 ran about three times an hour on weekdays, between 7am and 7.30pm, and at weekends between 8am and 7pm.

It also provided additional transport during events in the city centre, like the Six Nations.

The Cardiff East Park and Ride to Heath Hospital, the H59 route, will continue.

Cardiff Bus refused to comment or provide figures for how many people used the service daily.

“At a time when they are supposedly trying to encourage more sustainable transport choices, it really is a backwards step,” said Emma Sandrey, a Pentwyn resident.

As part of Cardiff Council’s budget proposals over the coming months, the cabinet is likely to decide to scrap the service without trying to find a new bus provider.

The city centre route from Cardiff East Park and Ride has been scrapped by Cardiff Bus, which said it is no longer financially viable. Credit: Alexandra Bánfi

“Generally, if it is in the budget savings, it’s been discussed before,” said a Cardiff Council spokesperson.

This city centre park and ride service was funded by a developer as part of community work required by the council before planning permission was granted. Cardiff Bus said in December that this funding had run out.

Pentwyn resident Emma Sandrey said the Cardiff Bus decision was a “backwards step”. Credit: Emma Sandrey

A spokesperson said Cardiff council was not aware which developer funded this facility.

Cardiff Bus refused to comment but has said previously that the level of regular usage and revenue was not enough to justify the service.

Ms Sandrey doesn’t use the park and ride service but she does take other buses to get around the city.

“There is still a 59 service that doesn’t use the park and ride facility. It’s not ideal but better than nothing,” she said.

“I didn’t even know it existed until very recently. I don’t think enough has been done to promote the alternative.

“Given I use public transport a lot, I think that says something about how little the service has been promoted.”

Late last year, Curtis Hall Ltd published proposals to redevelop Cardiff East Park and Ride to include 600 parking spaces, a relief road linking the A48 Eastern Avenue with Llanrumney, and industrial and commercial units.

The city centre park and ride service will not be reinstated as part of the plans.

Pentwyn Councillor Joe Carter said a park and ride facility at the proposed Cardiff Park Way train station was “still years away”.
Credit: Alexandra Bánfi

Pentwyn Councillor Joe Carter said: “It says a lot about the council’s priorities on public transport.

“Their answer to this is there may be a park and ride facility as part of the Park Way train station. But that’s still years away, and it may never happen.

“If the right place for a park and ride isn’t on the main artillery road coming into Cardiff from the east, I don’t know where the right place will be.”