Credit: (Left), Megan Ballantyne, (Top Right), Mike Welsh, (Bottom Right) Balazs Bezeczky,

Cyclists frustrated at part of Cardiff Bay Trail closed for almost five years

Walkers and cyclists are instead forced to travel along a main road 

CYCLISTS have expressed their frustration at the continued closure of part of the Cardiff Bay trail due to ongoing building maintenance.

The Bay Trail is a 10km circular trail for cyclists and walkers around Cardiff Bay. A section of the trail next to Ferry Court, which is a flats complex, has been closed since 2019.

Pedal Power, a Cardiff-based accessible cycling charity with a popular bike rental service at Cardiff Bay, now no longer recommends the Cardiff Bay trail loop to visitors who hire their bikes.

“Because of the closure and because it is generally not the most accessible route, we do not tend to encourage people to do the loop now,” said Sam Farnfield, senior executive at Pedal Power.

There is an impact when a section of a route is closed for that length of time. It has been such a long time now.”

Sam Farnfield, Pedal Power

“From our perspective we need to make sure that routes are safe and also quite straightforward to use. There is an impact when a section of a route is closed for that length of time. It has been such a long time now.

“Ultimately, we don’t want people to go in the wrong direction or end up riding on the road.”

Cyclists travelling along the trail are now diverted onto a route alongside Ferry Road and then the busy A4232, before rejoining the trail path. 

Cardiff residents have also been left confused by the continued closure of this section of the trail.

“No cyclist in their right mind would go along this part of the trail,” said Mike Welsh, a cyclist from Riverside. He believes the crossings on the diverted route are dangerous, and feels it is an unpleasant route for cyclists.

“You understand why they had to block it off if there were issues with nearby buildings. But surely as the local authority it is their job to make sure that the buildings are put into order.”

Mr Farnfield said he would also like to see cycling infrastructure in Cardiff designed with accessibility and ease of use in mind, although he believes Cardiff is still a good city for cycling.

Factors which can make cycle routes more accessible include wide cycle lanes, clear signage, places to stop for cyclists, and routes which do not require cyclists to dismount, as some bikes are also mobility aids.

The path of the former route for the Bay Trail has been blocked off Credit: Mike Welsh

“If we always consider the person with the most needs who is using our cycle paths, then usually it will meet just about everybody’s needs. And this accessible infrastructure will end up helping other people, for instance those who are nervous cyclists.” 

Cardiff Council said this part of the trail has been closed for ongoing building maintenance work.