20 more tyres slashed in Roath as vandalism rampage stretches to two days

40 residents on different street in Roath had their cars attacked on Wednesday night

TWENTY more residents in Roath fell victim to “mindless” tyre-slashing after a second consecutive night of vandalism.

Residents of Upper Kincraig Street say that around 20 cars had their tyres slashed overnight on Thursday, February 22.

This follows more than 40 cars having their tyres slashed just a couple of streets over on Moy Road overnight on Wednesday– totalling more than 60 victims in just two days.

  • You can read more on the Moy Road tyre slashing here.
A collection of a few cars with their tyres slashed.

Many of the victims have been left with the £110 cost of a mobile tyre repair service during the current cost of living crisis.

“We are yet another street that has fallen victim to this senseless vandalism which does not appear to have any motive,” said Aniket Bhosale, a resident of Upper Kincraig Street.

“I cannot afford a mobile tyre service because they have quoted over £100 so I guess I will be trying to replace the tyre myself – we are all working class people living around here.”

Resident Paul Taylor said: “It’s been a total nightmare.

“It just seems totally mindless. I’m hoping they can catch whoever is doing this.”

There are also reports on Facebook of tyre-slashing from residents in Rumney, which may make this the third incident in the past fortnight.

South Wales Police said it has received numerous reports this week of criminal damage to vehicles in Roath and surrounding areas.

“The incident is being investigated and enquiries are on-going,” said a spokesperson for South Wales Police.

“We understand that being a victim of car crime is upsetting, costly and an inconvenience. It’s particularly distressing when you are a repeat victim.

“Anyone who has information or footage which could help identify those responsible, is asked to please contact South Wales Police quoting occurrence 2400060818.”