Big steps forward for the Welsh language in Wales

The Welsh Government has launched a new bilingual website to promote and support the use of the Welsh language.
The ‘Cymraeg’ website is an information platform which also leads people on to other sites which offer useful Welsh language services, information, activities and news.
This comes as Cardiff University celebrated the launch of its new undergraduate Welsh language course in journalism last week.

Jomec Cymraeg launch last Wednesday.
Jomec Cymraeg launch last Wednesday.

During the launch a panel of Welsh journalists and editors addressed the shortage of trained Welsh language journalists and communicators and how better education and promotion of the language could resolve this.
The main aim of the website is to support people to use more Welsh in their everyday life. It also introduces the language in all aspects of life including the benefits of using the language in the workplace.
It also includes the first ever all-Wales Welsh Language Events finder, a Welsh App of the week feature and a course finder, listing all Welsh for Adult courses.
The website is the first in a series of Welsh Government sub-sites to be launched on the new .cymru and .wales domain.
New additional features will be introduced over the coming months as part of on-going work to develop the site further and to respond to the needs of users.