Photo: Daisy Graham-Brown

Meet the man serving coffee at sunrise from his bike

Peter is connecting Penarth’s community through coffee and conversations

SINCE the start of the pandemic, Penarth Seafront and its sunrise swimmers have been warming up with coffee served from a blue and yellow tricycle.

Peter Skoczylas is the man behind Stol Coffee, which aims to connect the Penarth community by offering specialty coffee, homemade cookies and meaningful conversations.

“‘Stół’ in Polish means a table, and so I used it for the name of the business to represent the idea of unity and reconnecting as friends and family around a table,” said Peter.

“One of the reasons I started coming down to the seafront is because people crave doing the things that connect us, not just with each other, but with the natural world.”

After quitting his hospitality job in the first lockdown to start Stol Coffee, Peter’s bike broke last year and the local community crowdfunded over £10,000 to replace it.

“You realise how much of an impact you can have, and it’s just as simple as saying I am there, come and watch the sunrise with me.

“Even if it’s raining, I am out and if you’re not feeling well, come and talk to me, because I am there to listen.”

Photo: Daisy Graham-Brown