Covid cases creep up in Wales due to Delta variant

Mark Drakeford says hospital admissions will determine the lifting of restrictions

RECENT data from Public Health Wales has shown a rise in new coronavirus cases in June and a sharp rise this week.

New covid cases

Data from Public Health Wales shows there were 833 new cases reported from June 18 to June 23 with a further 336 being recorded today.

(Note daily figures are time sensitive)

The spike is believed to be from the Delta variant which is more transmissible and more likely to lead to a hospital admission than other variants. 

First Minister Mark Drakeford gave a briefing at 12.15pm today and said: “As many as 97% of new cases of coronavirus in North Wales are caused by the delta variant.

“The latest figures show there are now more than 102,000 cases of the delta variant in England – and rising.

“If we see similar growth, services will come under pressure once again in Wales.” Drakeford said.


Despite the spike in cases there has only been 4 recorded deaths in June according to Public Health Wales.


Over half the Welsh population have received at least one dose of the vaccine with the number at 2,248,012 and about half of the population have received two doses of a COVID vaccine with that figure at 1,591,322.

As shown by this chart the vaccine rollout has been very successful in protecting the most vulnerable groups in Wales.

It should be noted that in the data some may be accounted for twice, for example someone who is 80 years old and lives in a care home would be counted twice.

Despite rising concern with the delta variant, the vaccine programme seems to be doing what is intended and keeping vulnerable people safe, but the rising concern could show a longer delay in restrictions easing in Wales.

In the briefing today Mark Drakeford said if hospital admissions were lower than what is expected Welsh people would then be more likely to see restrictions eased.