It’s Salt Awareness Week and Piers Morgan had a salty moment on live TV over the Meghan interview

Oprah presses all the right buttons

Last night saw us all frantically login to our ITV Player accounts, grab a cup of tea, tell everyone in the room to shut up and tune in to watch THE interview. After an insightful and provocative watch, we all then had to awake to a salty Piers Morgan stealing Meghan’s thunder and storming off live television.

Dishing out the salt

It appears Piers unknowingly needs a hug from Oprah and a play in the Duke and Duchess’s chicken coop.

For those of you who have successfully avoided twitter and any British news platform over the past 48 hours, firstly congratulations, secondly let us briefly fill you in.

Good Morning Britain presenter, Piers Morgan loves to rile an audience up with his (more often than not) unwelcomed, non-filtered, aggravating commentary toward public affairs.  It was business as usual today as A GMB colleague, Alex Beresford, branded Piers’s attitude towards Meghan’s mental health address as “pathetic” and “diabolical”.

Touché Mr Beresford.

Take what you dish

Turns out Piers does not enjoy being the victim and dramatically departed from his on-air throne like a damsel in distress saying, “I’m done with this. Sorry. You can trash me mate but not on my own show.”

The gobby mouthed journalist has a healthy track record for causing drama online and he hasn’t failed to fulfil this duty. So much so he aligned his sharp exit with Salt Awareness Week!

The salty little storm off really embodied the extravagant elements we can find in a bougie pink Himalayan sea salt.

However, it goes without saying that Piers Morgans salty antics over the years has gained him a strong 7.7 million followers on Twitter.

Let’s dehydrate ourselves and take a look at the salty Tweets being thrown towards Piers today.

Twitter tea

Paul McNamara, correspondent for Channel 4, put things into perspective and resurfaced a moment in which Prince Harry ran off-screen to support his crew at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan:

“Some might argue, if you’re going to walk out on a TV spot, there are better reasons to do it…”

@Its_Marcoos knows exactly how to quench a thirst after dishing out some salt:

Of course some Twitter users have used this event to bring in content from The Inbetweeners, here they portray behind the scenes footage of Piers off-camera:

This user is just here to celebrate Alex Beresford, and we are clapping too:

When its salt said and done…

A day of being trolled is nothing new to Piers and unsurprisingly he has failed to remain silent after this morning’s dramatic exit.

He returned to the show to complete the episode and later on today surfaced on Twitter like any salty butt-hurt journalist does.

In a reply to @thischilislaps asking to cancel Piers Morgan, he bluntly said “Yes”. A sign of self-realisation or just a shot at some more self-promo? Who knows.

Senior Editor at Novara Media, Ash Sarker, offered a sliver of credit to the salt king in addressing the traffic Piers attracts to Good Morning Britain during these moments:

So, Salt Awareness Week exists to raise attention to and address the level of salt circulated in our food industry. In this Piers Morgan case study, we can learn one thing from his salty riff with Alex Beresford and that is that we all need to take things with a pinch of salt. If not, you run the risk of becoming an internet meme for a day.

Feature image courtesy of ITV Studios.

UPDATE March 9, 18:28GMT: After receiving over 41,000 complaints, Ofcom has announced an investigation into Piers Morgan’s comments. Additionally, ITV has announced that Morgan will no longer be presenting Good Morning Britain. In a statement, the company said, “Following discussions with ITV, Piers Morgan has decided now is the time to leave Good Morning Britain. ITV has accepted this decision and has nothing further to add.”