What makes Cardiff the “Best City in the UK”?

Cardiff grabbed the top spots in the UK this year according to the latest polls.

Photo by Grooveland Designs on Unsplash 

Cardiff recently won big in two major polls, being named the ‘Best City in the UK’ and the ‘Friendliest City in the UK’ by travel magazine Condé Nast. Voters love its charm more than London, Liverpool, and Manchester, and they find its folks friendlier than those in Edinburgh, Liverpool, and Glasgow.

The city also snagged the ‘City of the Year’ title for its efforts in building sustainable housing. Judges praised Cardiff for going above and beyond to provide affordable, eco-friendly homes for its residents, earning it the prestigious title over finalists Birmingham and Derby.

Often described as a bustling city with historic charm, we hit the streets to find out what the public loves most about Cardiff.

Olly Coe, 24, Social Media Manager

“As part of my travels, I have been here a few times. There’s a lot more community here that I thought there would be in a capital city. People are more interested in talking to each other about their stories. It has been a good experience so far.”

Shivika Lamba, 23, Student

“My favourite aspect of the city is that Cardiff feels safe for students, especially at night. I do not think twice if I have to leave late at night for some emergency. There’s a non-judgmental attitude among everyone here, and people are always ready to lend a hand.”

Eshwaran, 36, IT Professional

“People are very lively here, and their love for rugby is amazing. There are incredible hangout spots in the city, and within just a 40-minute drive, you can witness stunning waterfalls. That is just wonderful.” 

Leon Sparks, 30, Magazine Vendor and Student

“The city is incredibly warm and inviting, the universities here are great, and the students are very impressive. Wales itself is a stunning country, and the people increase its beauty.”

Greta Malone, 55, Receptionist

“I often come to the city to visit my granddaughters and always have a lovely time here. With Christmas around, the streets decorated with lights and stalls create a more festive and friendly atmosphere.”

Ayah Abdullah, 20, Teacher Assistant

“I like that compared to England, Cardiff feels more intimate and community-driven. There are lots of natural spaces that make the city amazing. As someone who has resided in Cardiff all my life, I love how lively the city is.”